The Work is Just Beginning

As we start to celebrate Small Business Saturday in this year’s shifted landscape, it is important to remember the road to recovery has only just begun for most businesses and their employees, but government support has all but ceased.

As of August, all federally supported programs of loans, grants, and unemployment assistance ended. Congress couldn’t agree to a second stimulus package we desperately need. However, we New Yorkers, newly-emerged from the lockdown, did what we do best in moments of adversity: we rolled up our sleeves, and went to work.

This summer, businesses slowly reopened…

Zubin’s First Day of Remote Learning in Pre-K at P.S. 201
Zubin’s First Day of Remote Learning in Pre-K at P.S. 201

On September 21st, kids officially went back to school in New York City.

My son, Zubin, started preschool this year. But instead of dropping him off on his first day, we planted ourselves in front of a computer screen like thousands of other NYC parents. I initially decided to send him to the hybrid program, but my worries started after I saw the tussle between the Teachers union and Mayor de Blasio.

Then I attended a school town hall where administrators read off scripts and dodged parents’ questions to minimize conflict. …

Stop asking us for free food.

Size matters

Within the past month, we’ve had a couple large, Fortune 100 companies reach out to us, highlight our mission and importance in the community…and ask for free food.

So we’re trading a shout-out that we’re “sponsoring the meal”…for a hit to our bottom line.

Unfortunately, as honored as we are by their acknowledgment, goodwill and pats on the back don’t pay the bills — for us, nor the vendors we represent.

Everyone knows that small restaurants need much more than mom’s classic recipes to survive. According to a frequently cited study by…

Millennials need to feel passion in their work. According to Deloitte, two-thirds of Millennials believe that businesses have no ambition beyond wanting to make money, and less than half believe that corporations behave ethically. There’s a disconnect in the workplace, with the newer generation of workers increasingly in favor of prioritizing people before mere financial performance. Milliennials want to build companies with an ethical ethos from Day 1.

Incorporating this sense of purpose into your organization starts with a couple of simple questions: why did you (or do you want to) start your business in the first place? …

Voting is not a Trend

Vote because our democracy depends on it not because it’s the trendy thing to do.

Voting exists for us as citizens of this country to be able to exercise our right to voice our opinion and elect those that represent us best. But this right was not just handed to us. People fought for us to have this right. They were harassed, beat, and jailed. They fought because they wanted to be able voice their opinions and elect members that reflected their view.

I’m voting because representation matters. I do not believe that the government…

I started a business that initially provided an online ordering platform for food trucks. Instead of waiting 20 minutes or more to place their orders, customers could order ahead online and skip the order line. The idea came from my own impatience with waiting in a line. Before launching the company, I made sure to sit down with some vendors. I met with owners of nearly 50 food trucks and carts to understand their business.

What I learned was astounding: many of them weren’t thinking about themselves as business owners, but instead viewed themselves almost as employees collecting a paycheck. They didn’t think about how they could best serve their next customer; instead they just hoped people would get on line and order from them. I saw an opportunity to help food truck vendors integrate technology, market themselves and build meaningful brands that would resonate with consumers. After initial traction with food trucks, we expanded to include restaurants.

We did well in the beginning. Users enjoyed being able to skip the line, while the vendors…

Hiring is one of the most important — and toughest to figure out — aspects of running a business. While I’m in a good place now with my team, I learned many lessons the hard way. Part of it was due to my lack of prior experience in running a business, while some was also due to my own personal nature as a business operator.

My previous experiences on political campaigns represent the hallmark of what a strong team can achieve: everyone buys into the mission, understands what’s at stake each day, and comes in with a strong desire to achieve both their own and the organization’s goals. Most importantly — and most difficult to achieve, in my opinion — is getting your team members to take ownership over their work so they treat the business as not just another job but as an extension of themselves. I still haven’t achieved this last part completely, but I’ve put some practices in place that will help…

My support system has played an instrumental role in my current success as an entrepreneur. I routinely count on my friends, family and mentors to be in my corner and lift me up when I hit a bump in the road. However, the opposite category of people has played an equally important role in my success to date: critics who regularly poke holes in my ideas and challenge my assumptions.

As entrepreneurs, we naturally think we hold some secret solution to whatever problem we’re trying to solve. …

I am a woman

Waging a battle known as


My experiences in my hometown

New York City has always been my home. No matter where I am or who I am meeting, I have a distinct sense of pride in telling people where I am from and justifying why it’s the greatest city in the world. It is a global center for media, arts, music and business. A bustling, diverse metropolis with people from all walks of life united in working for a better standard of living for them and their families. This is what defines New York as a city of entrepreneurship.

I learned this first-hand through my parents. They arrived from India…

Deepti Sharma

Queens Born | Candidate for District 24 in @NYCCOUNCIL l Founder @FoodtoEat & @bikkyhq | BM @stonybrookalum | ❤️Married to @abhinavkapur4 | Mom 👶🏽👶🏽

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